Watch your back.  Shoot straight. Conserve Ammo.  And never, ever, cut a deal with a dragon.

-Street proverb

In 1989 FASA introduced the role playing community to Shadowrun and more than twenty-five years later legions of fans are still enjoying the dystopian future of the Sixth World.  I was introduced to Shadowrun around 1992 and quickly fell in love with the setting, if not the system.  I spent far too many of the hard earned dollars of my teens on the sourcebooks and I used them to play and run numerous games throughout the game's Second and Third Editions.

With the failure of Earthdawn and the dissolution of FASA the evolution of Shadowrun deviated from its original trajectory.  As FanPro published sourcebooks for their new property the tenor of the setting changed and my love for my favorite setting faded.  Shadowrun was never known for being a simple system but the setting was further complicated and adultered by the inclusion of a slew of new rules.  Worse, to my mind, were the plot lines that emerged as FanPro and then Catalyst Labs took control of the Shadowrun license.

With the publication of Shadowrun Fourth Edition I explored the game's latest iteration.  While I admit that the new rules breathed life into an old game the feel of the mechanic changed enough to prevent me from playing.  Included was some of the FanPro material that I found most objectionable and the addition of new technology that, while understandable, felt like a poorly implemented retcon.  With that I walked away from my favorite setting with little hope of returning.

Recently my friends and I dug out the original Shadowrun book for a weekend game, vowing to play by the core rules with no modifications.  While there are definitely a few issues with the system we deemed it far simpler and easier to teach than the later editions.  With that in mind I begin work on Echoes of the Future.

The intent of this game is to return to the origin of Shadowrun while putting my own spin on both the system and setting.  The core mechanic will be based upon the original system with a minimal number of House Rules that will largely be taken from later editions of the game.  The setting will also be based upon the first edition books but will evolve as adventures and campaigns are run within the setting.  It is my intent to include some of those events that occur in the Shadowrun metaplot but I do not consider myself beholden to the canon timeline, particularly those events that occur after FASA's demise.

Credits and Disclaimers

Many rules references, quotes and descriptive material come directly from the Shadowrun Role Playing Game copyrights from 1989 to present.  The copyright is currently held by Catalyst Games and the game is currently in its Fifth Edition.  Any copyrighted material is used without permission but in good faith and is intended primarily as source material for a private game, as its printing originally intended.

Images used in this work have been collected through image boards and other online sources and are largely free or fair use.  When possible I will attempt to credit those artists who works are attributed.  In all other cases I will happily credit the artist if I am made aware of their contribution.  In cases where the artist would prefer that I desist in using their works I will remove the image or images at their request via message through Obsidian Portal or email.  It should be noted that this work is being completed entirely for my own gratification and that of my players.  It is not my intent to profit from the works of others more talented than I and I will make every effort to avoid posting any image in a distasteful or destructive manner.

Echoes of the Future

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