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<<<<<<[Over the last couple of years we've had numerous data files posted regarding what's happening in the Shadows.  As a result of heavy usage we were forced to close most of those files to additional comments.  Gigapulses of comments quickly become cumbersome to those hunting for hard data and are a personal headache for the mods.

While the original files are still available the lack of commentary has drawn the ire of some of our community.  As an experiment I'm opening up addendums to those original files so that, once again, the community may comment on them.  As those original files are still extant I ask that only those topics that are pertinent be reposted.

I'm doing this against my better instincts, which means that I expect you kiddies to play nice and not crash my forums with meaningless garbage.  I'd also like to remind all of you that the mods aren't responsible for any faults, misinformation or outright lies posted in the commentary.  Do your legwork and always remember that when your run is ending someone else's run is just beginning.

One last warning, boys and girls:  Daddy isn't in a good mood and the ban hammer is the least of your worries.  Be good.]>>>>>>

-SYSephan OPus (14:43:29/7-5-54)


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