Puyallup at a Glance

LTG Code:  4206

Size:  Approximately 1,008 square kilometers

Population:  506,000 (Human 48%, Elf 21%, Dwarf 4%, Ork 22%, Troll 4%, Other 1%)

Population Density:  Approximately 502 per square kilometer

Major Corporate Facilities:  None

Major Gangs:  Black Rains, Forever Tacoma, The Princes, Reality Hackers

Lone Star Security Ratings

C:  Puyallup City, Tarislar

E:  Carbanado, Loveland, Grahm Cracker City

Z:  Hell's Kitchen, Orting, Ponderosa Estates, Silver Spring, South Prarie, The Neon Killing, Thrift

Puyallup has made a decent into hell since the Ghost Dance War.  The fall began on August 17, 2017 when Mount Rainier erupted, burying the fertile farmland and small towns under tons of ash.  Thousands fled their homes just ahead of rivers of lava that poured into the southern part of the district.  A year later, the ash-choked and lava-covered district became home to thousands of refugees fleeing the NAN takeover of the western United States.  Then came the Night of Rage, when thousands of metahumans sought refuge in Puyallup from the flames on the Tacoma waterfront.  Here the metahumans established their own enclaves where they could be relatively safe from the racists in Seattle.

Unlike the unsightly Redmond Barrens, the Puyallup Barren's stretches of lava fields are hauntingly beautiful, even though devoid of life.  Poverty and missery may abound but a strange, lost beauty seems hidden under the ash, just waiting to be born again.  Those who wish to visit Puyallup are advised to so only via an escorted Metro Tourist tour, or better yet, visit the scattered tourist sites via Federated-Boeing's armored helicopters.

<<<<<<[The original text highlights the tourist options but fails to mention how the inhabitants live.  Puyallup is a thousand square kilometers of squatter camps, metahuman ghettos and lava fields that stretch as far as the eye can see.  Living in the shadows of Mount Rainier, those that scratch out a life here live under constant threat of new eruptions.  In the southern region the Puyallup River's flow was altered by the lava fields, causing the water to pour out of the riverbanks and flood the the low-lying plains.  A new riverbed eventually formed but some of the water draw beneath the lava flow still bubbles to the surface as geysers and lakes of toxic, boiling mud.]>>>>>>

-Puyallup Users Group (13:49:50/7-7-54)

More than half a million people reside in Puyallup, at least half of them metahumans.  This high percentage of metahumans (the highest in the metroplex) has resulted in an abundance of racial tension.  In Redmond the human population vastly outnumbers that of metahumans but in Puyallup the metahuman communities are big enough to fight back.  Unfortunately hot-heads and vigilanties on both sides love to cause unnecessary trouble.

<<<<<<[Most Lone Star patrolmen prefer pulling duty in the Puyallup Barrens than Redmond.  The population of the district is slightly lower than Redmond's and the lava fields break up the area into a number of smaller, high-density neighborhoods.  What this means for a patrolman is that he isn't as worried about ambushes and can actually find a place to stop and collect his wits now and again.  The downside is that the size of the district means that the units assigned to the area are spread thin and backup is rarely just around the corner.]>>>>>>

Flat Foot (16:07:52/7-6-54)

<<<<<<[Puyallup is notorious for the corruption in the district government.  Both the Mafia and the Yakuza work hard to put local politicians on the payroll so that what little governance that occurs is usually only of advantage to the syndicates.  The one bright spot was Roy Olmstead, the former District Mayor, who finally gave into retirement in 2054, at the age of 78.  After announcing his retirement, Mayor Olmstead threw his support behind District Representative Jason Connors to succeed him and in 2052 Connors won the election by a narrow margin.]>>>>>>

-Talking Head (17:06:14/7-9-54)

<<<<<<[Sadly, its true that our government is corrupt.  Thankfully Jason Connors, who is the former rep from my district, is a fine, upstanding man following in the footsteps of Mayor Olmstead.]>>>>>>

-Puyallup Users Group (09:16:11/7-11-54)

<<<<<<[I've got some bad news for you PUG.  A couple of years back I saw your "fine, upstanding man" taking handouts from the Yaks.]>>>>>>

-Anonymous (24:56:15/7-11-54)

Places of Interest

Black Junk Yards – Buckley Boulevard and 234th  Avenue East

The Crime Mall – 136th Street East and 122nd Avenue East

Hells Kitchen Tours – 214th Avenue East and Old Summer Buckley Highway

Government Buildings

Puyallup District Court House – 10th Avenue SE and 13th Street SE

Puyallup District Hall – 7th Avenue SE and 13th Street SE



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