Redmond at a Glance

LTG Code:  11206

Size:  Approximately 436 square kilometers

Population:  498,000 (Human 81%, Elf 6%, Dwarf 1%, Ork 10%, Troll 1%, Other 1%)

Population Density:  Approximately 1,142 per square kilometer

Major Corporate Facilities:  None

Major Gangs:  Brain Eaters, Crimson Crush, Red Hot Nukes, Rusted Stilettos, Spiders

Lone Star Security Ratings

C:  Redmond (aka Touristville)

E:  Avondale, Brain Heaven, Hollywood, Kingsgate, Plastic Jungles, Purity, Woodinville

Z:  Rat's Nest, Glow City

<<<<<<[While any of the "At a Glance" statistics should be viewed with suspicion, those for the Barrens should be considered completely useless.  Beyond the political corruption, bias and ineptitude that tends to corrupt any census data gathered by the UCAS, the environment in the Redmond and Puyallup Districts makes taking an accurate census practically impossible.  The one piece of accurate information is likely the general ratio of humans to the other races.  Redmond tended to be relatively racially homogenous (some would argue racist) prior to the Crash of '29 and that trend has continued even in its decline into barbarity.]>>>>>>

-Number Runner (19:54:19/7-5-54)

During the later part of the twentieth century Redmond developed from a suburban community into a major center for the computer industry.  Large office complexes and skyscrapers sprang up amidst the homes as more technology companies moved into the area.  This growth brought challenges but also made Redmond one of the most prosperous places in the Seattle area.

Then came the Crash of '29, the worldwide viral attack that crippled the world's telecommunications network and wiped out computer systems everywhere.  Redmond's primary industry died virtually overnight and eighty percent of the district's businesses collapsed along with a local government, which was unable to cope with the disaster.  Those residents that could fled to Bellvue, which was also suffering from the effects of the Crash.  The remainder became lost to lawlessness and violence.

Drawn by the abandoned homes and buildings, refugees from other districts and Seattle's homeless descended upon the district.  This change caused further emigration of Redmond's existing citizenry, in turn attracting additional squatters.  Within a few years this vicious cycle transformed the once prosperous Redmond into a wasteland inhabited by transients, refugees, criminals and those who were unable, or unwilling, to leave.

Today the area is known as the Redmond Barrens, a place where a scrap of food or a cheap trinket can be reason enough to die.  The weekly food convoys of armored trucks that deliver food to the district's few remaining grocery stores routinely come under attack by squatters and gangs.  Abject poverty gives rise to a host of social ills that drag down any resident that attempts to rise above his or her station. 

In an environment like Redmond it is little wonder that the syndicates and gangs wield the greatest amount of power.  The Mafia and yakuza run the local black markets as even legal goods fetch a good price in The Barrens.  Food, medical supplies and other necessities represent the biggest market, closely followed by "entertainment" such as pirated trid, sim-chips, BTL's, booze and similar moneymakers.  While there is a brisk business in illegal weapons the syndicates are careful which factions they choose to arm.  Outside the demand for black market sales, Redmond represents a fertile recruiting ground for syndicates.  The Yakuza, Mafia and Seoulpa Rings all keep an eye on the district's gangs for promising young talent who can be recruited and funneled out of Redmond and into their operations in other areas of the metroplex.

<<<<<<[The corporate presence in Redmond is minimal but it does exist, though in forms that few would consider beneficial.  The majority of these are large industrial operations dealing with the most toxic processes that exist.  The fact that Redmond is considered a wasteland by polite society allows these companies to get by with methods that would bring environmental activists and lawyers out in droves if they occurred anywhere else.  Beyond that these facilities are armed fortifications where the toughest and most socially alienated squatters and gangers are armed and employed as guards.]>>>>>>

-Mother Earth (09:47:31/7-11-54)

<<<<<<[Between the pollution from these compounds and the soul crushing despair of the Barren's residents it is unsurprising that more than a few toxic shamans can be found stalking the district.]>>>>>>

-Tarlan Greenbough (16:49:10/7-15-54)

<<<<<<[Along with syndicate foot soldiers the district's leading export is body parts.  With the number of rich slots who want to live forever and a slum where life is cheap it was probably inevitable that the most morally bankrupt would initiate a brisk trade in organs.  Untold numbers of squatters living in the Barrens have wound up on the chopping block after being hauled off the streets by hired thugs.]>>>>>>

-McGruff (02:23:01/7-23-54)


What little hope for the district's future that exists lies in Jeffery Gasston, Redmond's mayor.  Mayor Gaston is largely responsible for the wheeling and dealing that resulted in the new Redmond Center Mall and other new enterprises in Touristville.  While these projects are only minor successes when compared to Redmond's status as an economic wasteland they represent the first economic revival in the district in decades.

<<<<<<[Jeffery Gasston is young and brash with grandiose plans and little history at seeing projects through.  His early successes allowed him to survive his first re-election but the deck is stacked against his continued success.  The area lacks any type of firm economic base and it is believed that at least a third of the local officials are on the payroll of either one syndicate or another.]>>>>>>

-Talking Head (11:53:20/7-7-54)

<<<<<<[Talking Head is correct in his appraisal of Mayor Gasston but it should be noted that he's caught the eye of Governor Schultz.  The governor seems to be impressed with Gasston's youth and vigor and word is that she has been tutoring the young man in how to run a government.  The results seem to have been successful as Gasston has been acting with increasing political savvy as of late.  Only time will tell what Governor Schultz's plans are for her protogee.]>>>>>>

-Doc Spin (12:37:47/7-7-54)

Places of Interest

Glow City

North Seattle Garbage Center  (aka Rat's Nest)

The Plastic Jungles

Redmond Center Mall – Redmond Way and Avondale Way NE

Government Buildings

Hollywood Correctional Facilities – 156th Place NE and 159th Avenue NE

Redmond District Court House – NE 85th Street and 163rd Avenue

Redmond District Hall – 15670 NE 85th Street

Places to Be

Crusher 495 – 124th Avenue and 143rd Street

The Joke – Union Hill Road and 179th Avenue NE

The Skeleton – Redmond Fall City Road and 196th Avenue NE



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